How to make the most out of a small garden space

It doesn’t matter how small a garden can be, it can be turned into a bigger one using calculative designs. A small garden gives your home an extra space for relaxing and maybe adding a little beauty to your home. You can make your garden look good using some ideas such as planting advice, pretty patios, and playing around with the small space.

The Best Tips for Designing a Small Garden

Small gardens just need a little creativity and it is possible to turn it into a beautiful home background. Here are some tips on making your small garden look great:

• Selective plants-there so many plants people can plant on their gardens but for smaller gardens you have to be really picky. Garden owners should select hardworking plants that look good during all seasons. Another creative idea is keeping your garden all bright by planting bright coloured trees or plants. You can also add bright features since these will help make the garden look lighter and bigger. You can go for colours such as light-yellows, golden colours, reds, light-purples, blues and whites.

• Lawns-this has always been a perfect trick for gardens and a lawn is such an attractive feature in a garden. The only requirement to maintain its beauty is to shape and keep it nice at all times. If this is difficult for you, you can choose to replace the lawn with gravel or a chamomile lawn.

• Get the best trees-many people tend to think that trees are not such a good choice for small gardens however, there are so many trees such as crab apples and acers that are perfect for this set up. A brilliant idea for small gardens is to squeeze in larger trees in a way that they will give you plenty of privacy and height. For this design canopies are the best option since they don’t take up much space on the ground. You can also get decorative and ornamental trees since they add some glow and natural beauty to your garden.

• Consider container gardening-since space is already a challenge, you can choose to grow plants in containers. Apart from creating extra space, you will also help some plants that never thrive well in the ground such as the camellias.

• Paving slabs -always pave diagonally since any other form of paving can make your garden look more compressed. By paving diagonally you will be able to create an illusion of a bigger garden. Apart from that you have to choose light-coloured paving that open up the garden more.

• Put up some shelves-you can create some extra space by adding some shelves in your garden and putting pretty accessories on these shelves. For the colour of the shelf, you should go with darker shades and the shelf should be mounted into brick.

• Have compartments and use every corner-you can have your own hide outs in the garden, divide it into smaller sections using trees or walls, and then decorate each section with different accessories and plants. By doing this, you will make your garden feel bigger because everything will be hidden and you can’t see all of it at a go.

• Use white-convert your garden into more of an interior space. White is known to make small spaces look bigger because it attracts more light and brightening. You can have most of your garden decoration in white, you can also paint the brickwork white and have white furniture in your garden.

With all these tips, and the assistance of a landscaping professional, you will be able to convert your small garden into a wonderful larger space that is worth the effort.