Home Project Idea’s

The home market is still in a slump, and while it is, now is really a very good time to think of getting those home project ideas moving!

Areas to look out for are kitchens, bathrooms, windows and loft conversions. The best time to get cracking is right now, before the fall starts whipping up those cold breezes. While we’re on this subject, what you are really going to need to do is look for cracks where that wind blows in – and seal them!

Also, Energy Star-rated windows can save hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs, so I would say that’s a top priority. Anything that is more energy-efficient adds to the value of your home, so while those old colonial-style windows that were pretty much standard some time ago may look quaint, they’re just not practical. Get used to the words energy saving! You could also receive green energy tax credits from your utility company.

This also applies big time to the kitchen. Maybe a new coat of paint? That always works wonders, it’s cheap and if it’s low-VOC, it will set you firmly on the eco-friendly road. The same goes to buying new appliances. You can remodel with Energy Star-rated appliances and be saving a lot on power bills. Don’t ever assume that bigger is better when it comes to remodeling. Huge ovens and refrigerators that look wonderful but are not eco-friendly will chew power and money. Think medium-to-small, and think efficient’, all the way.

Adding a new shower or bathroom adds great value to your home, so you may want to consider this. Especially if there’s a new addition to the family, or you’ve just outgrown your old bathroom and are tired of standing in a queue every morning, really give this a serious thought. Buyers will always snap up a home with an additional ablution area, and this doesn’t have to cost a fortune! In addition to this, you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to styling your bathroom. Get Blinds Online have a wide range of blinds in a variety of colours and styles that will make an instant impact on the aesthetics of any room!

Also adding value to your home is installing an outside deck. Not only is this great to spend lovely days on, but it can also be a visually appealing feature. The deck doesn’t have to be that big. It’s what you do with it that counts. Get some flower pots and put in some extravagant plants. Next, trail some vines around the deck, add a few lanterns, and you really have great entertaining area. You may want to hire someone to do the deck work for you as there are specific tools that will be required, and you don’t want to get something you’ll never use again! Choose a good contractor and one that doesn’t cost the earth.

While you’re at it, you should look at your home wiring, especially if it hasn’t been checked in a long while. What is the paint looking like on the outside of the home? Take a good look at clearing pipes and gutters that may have become clogged with leaves.

What about that tree that’s been blocking the sunlight into your home? Now is the time to either have it removed or cut. If it’s being cut, don’t just chip off a couple of branches. Cut it so that your home becomes much brighter inside. Don’t forget, this will also add value for a prospective